Student Paper Award Announced!!

Poster Template
Uploaded on 2014.11.20

Poster Template       Poster Presentation.pdf


Poster Display
Display boards (100cm wide by 200cm high) will be available for your presentation. The paper number will

be mounted on the top of the board by conference staff. The poster should be measured within

horizontally 90cm max and vertically 120cm max.

Prepare your poster including the following sections:

1. Title of the projects, author names, participants, affiliations and the number of paper.

    NOTE: Please use the Paper No. shown in the session schedules.

2. Abstract using the headings ”Introduction/Background”, “Methods,” and “Results” and


3. The text of your presentation should be visible from 3 feet away. Therefore, you should use a large font

     (20 points or larger) for the primary text, and an even larger font for the headings.

4. In order to ensure a high-quality presentation, all poster materials must be in printed form.