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Optical Waveguides and Communications

Oral Session 2 - Communications and Sensors (II)
Thursday, Dec. 4, 2014  15:30-17:00
Chair: Nai-Hsiang Sun,Hung-Chun Chang
Room: B16
15:30 - 15:45 Paper No.  2014-Thu-S0202-O003
Li-Chi Yang Award Candidate Mirror-assisted Surface Grating Couplers Realized with Standard Bulk CMOS Processes
Li-Chi Yang,Yung-Jr Hung,San-Liang Lee,Poki Chen,Ying-Ting Liu,

We have successfully designed and demonstrated a mirror-assisted grating coupler on a standard CMOS configuration. Existing metal layer is utilized to improve the directivity of the grating coupler, thus enhance the coupling efficiency by 5.5 dB according to the simulation results. As-realized grating coupler is characterized to operate at 1570 nm having a 1-dB bandwidth of 28 nm. A 7.5 dB improvement in coupling efficiency happens in metal-assisted grating couplers, indicating the effectiveness of this design concept.

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15:45 - 16:00 Paper No.  2014-Thu-S0202-O004
Yu-Hsiang Wen Award Candidate All optical modulation format conversion from 4x12.5 Gbps NRZ-OOK to 50 Gbps PDM RZ-QPSK based on cross-phase-modulation in a bidirectional scheme
Yu-Hsiang Wen,Jia-Wei Ho,Yi-Ting Liao,Tzu-Yu Yeh,Kai-Ming Feng,

We proposed a bidirectional all-optical modulation format converter by applying XPM in a single HNLF. 4 individual 12.5 Gbps NRZ-OOK signals are converted to a 50 Gbps PDM RZ-QPSK signal with a satisfactory power penalty. The performance and feasibility of the proposed converter are investigated both theoretically and experimentally.

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16:00 - 16:15 Paper No.  2014-Thu-S0202-O018
Cheng-Ting Tsai Award Candidate Suppressing the Colorless Laser Diode Induced Intensity Noise for 256-QAM-OFDM transmission at 40 Gbit/s
Cheng-Ting Tsai,Yu-Chieh Chi,Gong-Ru Lin,

The directly modulated colorless laser diode carried 256-QAM-OFDM transmission at 40 Gbit/s is demonstrated by suppressing the spontaneous emission and the relaxation oscillation related intensity noise. After transmitting through the 25-km single-mode fiber, the BER and the EVM of the transmitted 256-QAM-OFDM data can be optimized to 5.7E-3 and 4.8%, respectively.

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16:15 - 16:30 Paper No.  2014-Thu-S0202-O019
Hsuan Chen Award Candidate Highly Sensitive Refractive Index Sensor Based on Fiber-optic Fabry-Pérot Interferometer Formed by Inclined Fiber
Hsuan Chen,Chun-Lin Chung,Yung-Jr Hung,Chin-Ping Yu,

A refractive index (RI) sensor based on fiber-optic Fabry-Pérot interferometer (FFPI) is proposed by splicing an inclined fiber with a SMF. After using etching process to enlarge the cavity, clear interference can be observed. The measured RI and temperature sensitivities of the FFPI are 1334.33 nm/RIU and 37.38 pm/°C, respectively.

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16:30 - 16:45 Paper No.  2014-Thu-S0202-O034
Jin-Ji Liu Award Candidate Three-Dimension Tilted-meter Based on Chirped Fiber Bragg Grating
Jin-Ji Liu,Yu-Lin Nian,Hung-Ying Chang,Chuan-Ying Huang,Hao-Jan Sheng,Wen-Fung Liu,

We proposed a novel three-dimension tilted-meter based on an etched chirped fiber Bragg grating (CFBG) with the sensitivity of around 0.2 nm/degree.

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16:45 - 17:00 Paper No.  2014-Thu-S0202-O035
chen li wei Award Candidate 32-dB Loss Budget High-Capacity OFDM Long-Reach PON over 60-km Transmission without Optical Amplifier
chenli wei,

For the first time, 33-Gbps 60-km OFDM transmission is demonstrated to show 32-dB loss budget without inline and pre-amplifier. Employing 10-GHz EAM and PIN, the long-reach PON can economically support 32 ONUs with >1-Gbps/ONU capacity.

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