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Optical Information Processing and Holography

Oral session 5 - Taiwan/Japan Special Session on Digital Holography
Friday, Dec. 5, 2014  11:10-12:10
Chair: Osamu Matoba,Tatsuki Tahara
Room: F8
11:10 - 11:25 Paper No.  2014-FRI-S0405-O001
Yu-Chih Lin Spatially Refractive Index Imaging in Digital Holographic Microscopy and Tomography
Yu-Chih Lin,Chau-Jern Cheng,

Digital holographic microscopy is allowed for imaging the sample with a reconstructed quantitative wavefronts and giving for the analysis of refractive index. The experiments of digital holographic microscopy is presented and progressed to the tomographic imaging for measuring the three-dimensional refractive index inside the sample.

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11:25 - 11:40 Paper No.  2014-FRI-S0405-O002
Yean Ning Lew Auto-stereoscopic Rear Projection-type Real Object Display
Yean Ning Lew,Huang Tian Chan,Ming Tzung Shiu,Yang Kun Chew,Chi Ching Chang,

In this work, we propose a 3-dimensional (3D) real object projector collocated with Lenticular Lens Array (LLA) screen to attain in-situ encoding and decoding of 3D images, achieving auto-stereoscopic display. This design can instantly present 3D stereo and dispense the complicated traditional 3D lenticular printing processes.

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11:40 - 11:55 Paper No.  2014-FRI-S0405-O003
Jung-Ping Liu Efficient Demodulation for Optical Scanning Holography
Jung-Ping Liu,Dao-Zheng Luo,Sheng-Hua Lu,

Temporal-spatial demodulation technique (TSDT) for demodulating the signal directly acquired in optical scanning holography(OSH) is studied. We demonstrated that TSDT is a low-cost and efficient demodulation solution for OSH.

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