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Optical Design and Testing

Poster Session 1
Thursday, Dec. 4, 2014  15:00-16:20
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14:40 - 15:30 Paper No.  2014-Thu-P0501-P001
Pei-Hsuan Lan Award Candidate A Novel Single Lens Stereo-endoscopy
Tsung-Hsien Lin,Pei-Hsuan Lan,Kuang-Lung Huang,Chien-Yue Chen,Pei-Jung Wu,

A stereo-endoscope system with the angle of field 60°, which includes a single lens is proposed in this study. This system can simultaneously acquire images with both left and right angle of view, record such image pair on the camera lens, and proceed image post-processing to acquire a stereo image with depth.

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14:40 - 15:30 Paper No.  2014-Thu-P0501-P004
Meng Kai Chen Award Candidate Light Quality Assessment between Polarized and Unpolarized LED
Meng Kai Chen,Hung Shing Chen,Jung Chieh Su,

It is expected that white LED will become popular in the future. However, the influence of discomfort glare of LED hasn’t be clarified yet. The aim of this study is to clarify degrees of visual comfort and visual fatigue between polarized LED and unpolarized LED under different experimental conditions.

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14:40 - 15:30 Paper No.  2014-Thu-P0501-P005
Min-Feng Lai Award Candidate Effects of Ce0.67 Tb0.33 MgAl11 O19:Ce,Tb phosphor on optical performance of multi-chip white LEDs
Min-Feng Lai,Nguyen Doan Quoc Anh,Hsin-Yi Ma,Hsiao-Yi Lee,

We discuss the performances of multi-chip white light LED packages with a proposed green-emitting Ce6Tb0.33MgAl11O19:Ce,Tb (CTMAOCT) phosphor. We find that an appropriate combination of yellow phosphor Y3Al5O12:Ce3+ (YAG:Ce) and green phosphor CTMAOCT can bring the significant effects on angular color uniformity and luminous flux.

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14:40 - 15:30 Paper No.  2014-Thu-P0501-P008
Guei-Fu Deng Award Candidate Optical system design for CMOS sensor testing
Guei-Fu Deng,Min-Feng Lai,En-Hao Gau,Hsin-Yi Ma,Hsiao-Yi Lee,

It is proposed that a new pupil lens module ( PLM ) is used for optoelectronic integrated circuits testing. The proposed PLM is with high transmission rate, and which can accomplish the illumination on the tested integrated circuits to be less than 2% in uniformity deviation.

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14:40 - 15:30 Paper No.  2014-Thu-P0501-P009
JIA-ZHI GAO Award Candidate Studyof Fishing/Working LED Light
JIA-ZHI GAO,Min-Feng Lai,YI-NAN SU,Hsin-Yi Ma,Hsiao-Yi Lee,

It is proposed that a new LED light is used for fishing and working on fishing boat.The proposed LED light is witha specially designed secondary lens to achieve therequired asymmetric light intensitydistribution. The fishing/working LED light can accomplish the same illumination distributionas thetraditionallyused discharging lamps on fishing boat, but with much less electrical power.

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14:40 - 15:30 Paper No.  2014-Thu-P0501-P012
Zu-Cheng Li Award Candidate The electro-optical properties of grating fabricated by polymer stabilized blue phase liquid crystal
Yi-Ting Lin,Hung-Chang Jau,Zu-Cheng Li,Tsung-Hsien Lin,

This PSBP liquid crystal phase grating is made of hybrid PSBPs with two Kerr constants. Owing to the non-patterned electrode and the optical isotropy of PSBP, the diffraction effect can be switched off when the voltage is absent. The diffraction intensity increases when electrical field induces phase difference in PSBP.

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14:40 - 15:30 Paper No.  2014-Thu-P0501-P013
HAIFENG LIU Award Candidate High Efficiency LED Interior Lighting Optical Lens Design

As the trend of energy saving and carbon reduction, interior lighting design is an important direction to research. The research includes energy saving, environmental friendly, diverse lamp. It helps to create a healthy and comfortable living environment.

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14:40 - 15:30 Paper No.  2014-Thu-P0501-P016
Jen-Wei Huang Award Candidate A Stud Study of Optical ptical Design of esign of esign of Non-invasive invasive invasive Ophthalmoscopy phthalmoscopy for Rapid Rapid Diagnostic iagnostic Purposes
Chin-Hsien Chu,Nai-Wei Hsueh,Jen-Wei Huang,Yi-Chin Fang,

This research is proposed to go proceeding rapid diagnostic of eyes via a 3D ophthalmoscopy with visible and near infrared spectrum. Optical design of this 3D ophthalmoscopy is demonstrated in this experiment.

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14:40 - 15:30 Paper No.  2014-Thu-P0501-P017
Yu Jun Chu Award Candidate Amorphous effect on the advancing of structural-phase transition in gama-In2Se3 polycrystalline layers
YuJun Chu,ChingHwa Ho,

We demonstrate a III-VI chalcogenide, polycrystalline gama-In2Se3, which simultaneously possesses the capabilities of thickness-dependent optical gaps and wide-energy-range absorption existed in the polycrystalline layers of gama-In2Se3. The amorphous effect of medium-range order (MRO) renders a structural-phase transition of gama to alpha occurred inside the gama-In2Se3 layer with a heat treatment of about 700 degree C.

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14:40 - 15:30 Paper No.  2014-Thu-P0501-P020
Gia-Ling Cheng Award Candidate Broadband Single-Mode Cr-Doped Crystalline Core Fiber with High Index Glass Cladding
Gia-Ling Cheng,Wei-Lun Wang,Yi-Chung Huang,Chia-Chien Wei,Sheng-Lung Huang,Wood-Hi Cheng,

A single-mode Cr-doped crystalline core fiber (SMCDCCF) cladded by high-index glass with gross gain of 2.7 dB and net gain of 0.7 dB at wavelength of 1400 nm is demonstrated for the first time, leading to the possibility of functioning as 300-nm broadband amplifiers.

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14:40 - 15:30 Paper No.  2014-Thu-P0501-P021
Chun-Chou Lin Award Candidate Optically tunable of 1D Holographic Photopolymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals(H-PDLCs)
Chun-Chou Lin,

We use azobenzene to change the phase of liquid crystal in holographic photopolymer dispersed liquid crystals, and control the transmittance and diffraction efficiency under violet LED (365 nm) and green laser (532 nm) exposure. The tunable range of transmittance and diffraction efficiency is about 50%, and so is diffraction intensity.

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14:40 - 15:30 Paper No.  2014-Thu-P0501-P022
Chun-Chieh Wang Award Candidate Design of an Optical Matrix
Chun-Chieh Wang,Tsung-Hua Wu,Chi-Hung Lee,

An optical matrix is based on two light bars, which are engraved with microstructures on their surface. In operation, infrared laser incidents into one end of the light guide plate and gradually emits from the surface of light bar. The output beams can be used as the detection beam for an optical matrix.

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14:40 - 15:30 Paper No.  2014-Thu-P0501-P023
Ying-Jie Wu Award Candidate Fabrication an electrically switchable liquid crystal Fresnel Zone lens with polarization-independent
Ying-Jie Wu,Chia-Rong Sheu,

In this article, we demonstrate an easy method to fabricate liquid crystal (LC) Fresnel zone lens (FZL). By applying extra electric field, the lens can become electrically switchable. This lens was also made polarization-independent by twisted nematic (TN) alignment and manifested 25.75% diffraction efficiency at the focal point of 26Vpp.

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