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Solid State Lighting

Poster Session 1
Thursday, Dec. 4, 2014  15:00-16:20
Paper No.  2014-Thu-P0801-P002
Liu Keng-Chen Award Candidate Characteristics research of different size embedded electrodes GaN LEDs
Liu Keng-Chen,

Small size Embedded electrodes GaN LED (S-LED) is developed to improve light extraction efficiency and in this research. The heat dissipation performance could be improved by small size effect. Improved heat dissipation performance caused better photoelectron transfer efficiency and lower power consumption.

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Paper No.  2014-Thu-P0801-P005
Award Candidate Effect of Current Blocking Layer on the Light Output in GaN-Based Ultraviolet Light-Emitting Diodes

A SiO2/TiO2 distributed Bragg reflector (DBR) and a reflective electrode (R-pad) as a hybrid reflective current blocking layer (CBL) was prepared on the 370 nm ultraviolet light-emitting diodes (UV-LEDs). It was found that the output power was 145.6 mW for the UV-LED with a 5-pair DBR+R-pad CBL at 350 mA.

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Paper No.  2014-Thu-P0801-P008
Jiong-Fu Huang Award Candidate Plasmonic Effects of Gold Nanoparticle-Decorated Graphene Oxide Nanocomposites on the Performance of Polymer Light-Emitting Devices
Chun-Hao Lin,Jiong-Fu Huang,Fang-Chung Chen,

In this work, we blended gold nanoparticle-decorated graphene oxides (AuNPs-PEG-GO) into the poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)-poly(styrenesulfonate) layer and emission layers of green phosphorescent polymer light-emitting diodes. The device efficiencies have improved substantially. We contributed the device enhancement to the effects of the localized surface plasmon resonance induced by Au nanoparticles of the AuNPs-GO nanocomposites.

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Paper No.  2014-Thu-P0801-P011
Jie-Ru Li Award Candidate High Color Rendering Index Quantum Dots White Light-Emitting Diode with Capped Distributed Bragg Reflector Structure
Jie-Ru Li,Hao-Chung Kuo,Kuo-Ju Chen,Shih-Hsuan Chien,Chien-Chung Lin,

Excellent uniformity colloidal quantum dot white LED with high CRI were demonstrated with different CCT from 2500 K to 6500K. The experimental results showed that the DBR structure could enhance the intensity output by reflecting unconverted UV light.

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Paper No.  2014-Thu-P0801-P014
Che-Yu Liu Award Candidate Highly Light Extraction Ability GaN-based Light Emitting Diodes by Using Hybrid Micro-holes and Nano-rods structure
Che-Yu Liu,Hao-Chung Kuo,

High light extraction GaN-based light-emitting diodes (LEDs) with a hybrid structure of straight nanorods located in an array of microholes have been successfully demonstrated. The light output power of the hybrid nanorods LED is 22.04 mW at the driving current standard of 25.4 A/cm2, an enhancement of 38.7 % to the conventional GaN-based LEDs.

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Paper No.  2014-Thu-P0801-P017
WEI-CHU SUN Fabrication of micro-trapezoidal arrays for efficacy improvement of organic light-emitting diodes

This study is focused on the fabrication of the micro-trapezoidal arrays and their application on efficacy enhancement of organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs). The micro- trapezoidal arrays were made by the combination of photolithography, polydimethylsiloxane molding and UV forming techniques. The efficacy of the OLED increases with decreasing the gap distance of attached micro-trapezoidal array. In fact, the micro-trapezoidal array can improve efficacy of the OLED up to 50%.

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Paper No.  2014-Thu-P0801-P020
Yu-Chi Fang Color Mismatching between Different Sizes of CCT tunable LEDs
Yu-Chi Fang,Hung-Shing Chen,Jung-Chieh Su,

This paper reported color property and electro-optical transfer property of three primary emission colors between small-size LED and large-size LED. The mismatching of color gamut and tone response curve between them cause chromaticity inconsistency of different size CCT tunable LEDs.

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Paper No.  2014-Thu-P0801-P023
Yu-Chen Lin Influence of Buffer Growth Condition on the Reliability of InGaN LED
Yu-Chen Lin,Man-Fang Huang,Chia-Hung Sun,Hsu-Han Yang,Hong-Jie Zhaung,Ya-Hsuan Shih,Ming-Cheng Lo,Tzung-Te Chen,

This paper reports the dependence of buffer growth condition on reliability of InGaN LED. Experimental results showed that LED grown on a low-temperature and low-growth-rate buffer layer has less defect density, smaller power degradation and voltage increase, compared with LED with a buffer grown using high temperature and growth rate.

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Paper No.  2014-Thu-P0801-P026
Yu-Wen Chern Simulation of Quantum Well Optimization in Light-Emitting Transistors
Yu-Wen Chern,Chao-Hsin Wu,

The DC electrical and optical characteristics of light-emitting transistors are obtained by using Silvaco TCAD. Based on the optimization of the quantum well location in the simulated light-emitting transistors, the device where quantum well near the collector can get both the high current gain and high optical output.

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Paper No.  2014-Thu-P0801-P029
Yi-Yin Kuo Novel Glass-Based Phosphor-Converted for Laser Illumination Source
Yi-Yin Kuo,Li-Yin Chen,Jin-Kai Chang,Wei-Chih Cheng,Yi-Chung Huang,Wood-Hi Cheng,

In this study, we demonstrated a glass phosphor combining with a blue laser diodes as a solid-state lighting source. The glass phosphor with 30wt% phosphor concentration has high reflection-fluorescence luminous flux up to 165 lm.

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Paper No.  2014-Thu-P0801-P032
Yung-Fu Chang The Performance of InGaN/GaN LEDs with Al and Ga co-doped ZnO by ALD as Transparent Conductive Layer
Yung-Fu Chang,Chien-Lan Liao,Jia-Zhe Liu,Wei-Hao Lee,Chong-Lung Ho,Meng-Chyi Wu,

In this paper, we present the ZnO co-doped by Al and Ga by ALD. The Al and Ga co-doped ZnO (AGZO) shows low resistivity and high transparency. As compared with the InGaN LED with GZO, an increment of light output power by 10.1% for an AGZO-coated InGaN/GaN MQW LED.

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Paper No.  2014-Thu-P0801-P035
Chun-Ta Yu Characterization of thick InGaN wells with alternative grown InN/GaN on green light-emitting diodes
Chun-Ta Yu,Wei-Chih Lai,Cheng-Hsiung Yen,Shoou-Jinn Chang,

The authors report the use of InN/GaN alternative structure to replace the thick InGaN well layers in the InGaN/GaN multiquantum well (MQW) and the fabrication of GaN-based green light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Using this method, it was found that we could achieve InGaN “well layers” with high crystal quality due to the enhanced migration of adatoms during the growth. It was also found that indium composition in the InGaN “well layers” and the thickness of the InGaN “well layers” both depend strongly on the growth time of InN and GaN. It was also found that we could achieve stronger electroluminescence (EL) intensities with narrower full-width-half-maxima (FWHMs) from the LEDs with InN/GaN alternative growth InGaN “well layers”.

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Paper No.  2014-Thu-P0801-P038
Lin Huang Yu Improvement the color uniformity of white LED by Distributed Bragg reflector structure
LinHuang Yu,Chen Kuo-Ju,Wang Sheng-Wen,Lin Chien-Chung,Wang Kuan-Yu,Li Jie-Ru,Chen Huang-Ming,Kuo Hao-chung,

This study demonstrates the application of DBR structure into the remote phosphor structure to improve the angular CCT deviation in white light-emitting diodes (WLEDs). In the experiment, the LED device with DBR structure yielded nice color uniformity that the CCT deviation can be improved from 1758K to 280K.

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Paper No.  2014-Thu-P0801-P041
Hao-hsuan Huang Cooling apparatus using solid-liquid phase-change material
Hao-hsuan Huang,

A cooling apparatus using solid-liquid phase-change material (PCM) is proposed to achieve effective thermal management of high power LEDs. The high heat capacity and high latent heat of PCM effectively slow down the temperature rise to ensure LEDs can be operated at a lower temperature for a finite operation time.

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Paper No.  2014-Thu-P0801-P044
Chen-Yu Chang Application of Surface Guide Mode Resonance Enhancement on Nonpolar GaN Light-emitting Diodes
Chen-Yu Chang,Jian Jang Huang,

With the specific light direction and affectless of quantum-confines Stark effect (QCSE), non-polar GaN light-emitting diodes (LEDs) has been widely investigated and developed with its specialized optical properties. In our research, we demonstrate the a-plane GaN LED with two dimensional Photonic Crystal (PhC) surface guide mode structure.

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Paper No.  2014-Thu-P0801-P047
Ming-Yuan Huang Light extraction enhancement in the green organic light emitting diode by using photonic quasi-crystals
Ming-Yuan Huang,

This study shows the enhanced light extraction efficiency from organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) by fabricating the device on the photonic quasi-crystal (PQC) substrate. The experimental results demonstrate that the green OLED with the PQC substrate increases the external quantum efficiency (EQE) by 20.0% compared to the standard.

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Paper No.  2014-Thu-P0801-P050
Chen-Kuo Wu The Effects of Random Indium Fluctuations on InGaN Quantum Well LEDs with Different Growth Orientations
Chen-Kuo Wu,Yuh-Renn Wu,

Abstract—In this paper, we studied the turn-on and IQE behaviors of c-plane, semipolar(20-21), and non-polar LEDs. The percolation transport of the carriers induced by the random alloy potential fluctuation has been considered with a full 3D transport model and compared with the different growth orientations.

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Paper No.  2014-Thu-P0801-P053
Min-Cheng Haung Achromatic projection low beam Design
Min-Cheng Haung,Chi-Hung Lee,Chia-Hsian Yang,Shih-Hsin Ma,

In this study, an achromatic projection-type low-beam headlight had been proposed. The headlight was composed by a WLLED, an ellipsoidal reflector, a stop, and an achromatic doublet. The light pattern which was 25m away had been simulated and tested by ECE R112 regulation. Moreover, the dispersion extent of the headlight light pattern which is 25m away was measured by a spectrometer. Finally, according to the experimental results of dispersion extent, the dispersion extent can be improved to narrower 1cm.

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Paper No.  2014-Thu-P0801-P056
Chang Mei-Ying The process condition effects on spirobifluorene derivative and its application in white OLED
Chen Hsin-Yu,Chang Mei-Ying,

This research controls emitting spectrum with white light emitter in single emitter by multi-methods for film fabrication using blue light emitting material TPSBF. We study mechanism of spectrum containing multiple emissions wavelength by thicknesses and deposition rates. As results, efficient and brightness white organic light emitting devices were obtained.

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Paper No.  2014-Thu-P0801-P057
Lin Wei Ming Organic Light-Emitting Diodes with Aluminum Zinc Oxide Embedded Anodes
LinWei Ming,HsuChing Ming,LinBo Ting,ZengYing Xun,WuWen Tuan,

The current efficiency of OLEDs was enhanced up to 64% using AZO embedded ITO anodes, attributed to the improved light extraction by additionally created optical reflection and scattering at the AZO wall. The current efficiency was limited by the increase in haze or electrical resistance of AZO embedded ITO film.

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Paper No.  2014-Thu-P0801-P060
You-Chen Chu Investigation of strain relaxation induced wavelength shift in InGaN/GaN nano-ring light-emitted diodes
You-Chen Chu,Hao-Chung Kuo,

The strain relaxation in InGaN/GaN MQW LEDs by using the nano-ring structure was demonstrated through the nanosphere lithography. When comparing with the sample without nano-ring structure, a blue-shift of emission wavelength of 18nm can be achieved by using a nano-ring structure with wall width of 60nm.

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Paper No.  2014-Thu-P0801-P061
Chien-Rong Yu Advantages of Tapered AlGaN Electron Blocking Layer in InGaN-based Light-Emitting Diodes
Chien-Rong Yu,Bing-Cheng Lin,An-Jye Tzou,Yuh-Jen Chen,Chun-Yen Chang,Hao-Chung Kuo,

A tapered AlGaN electron blocking layer (EBL) is experimentally and numerically analyzed in blue light-emitting diodes (LEDs). The simulation results demonstrate that the hole injection and further electron confinement could be effectively enhanced with tapered structure. Consequently, the experimental result exhibits a reduction of efficiency droop behavior in tapered-EBL LEDs.

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Paper No.  2014-Thu-P0801-P064
Wen-Hao Liu Synthesis and Luminescence Characteristics of Green SrZn2(PO4)2:Mn2+ Phosphors
Wen-Hao Liu,

Mn2+ doped SrZn2(PO4)2 phosphor was prepared under reducing atmosphere by solid state reaction method. Luminescence measurement showed that the SrZn2(PO4)2:Mn was a promising green phosphor for photoelectronic devices. The influence of Mn doping concentration on the luminescence properties of phosphor were investigated and discussed.

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Paper No.  2014-Thu-P0801-P065
Jian-Ping Wu High Color Rendering Index and Chromatic-Stable Tandem White OLED
Xuan-Fu Chen,Jian-Ping Wu,Su-Hua Yang,

A chromatic-stable tandem white organic light emitting diode with a high color rendering index (CRI) was designed. The concentration of DCJTB emitter was optimized. A maximum CRI of 84 at 13 V and the highest chromatic stability were achieved when 0.25% DCJTB was doped into the emission layer.

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Paper No.  2014-Thu-P0801-P066
An-Yung Shiu The Optical Characteristics of Improved SPE Package Structure for Phosphor-converted LEDs
An-Yung Shiu,Shang-Ping Ying,

This study proposes an improved SPE package structure that utilizes a reflection plate on the remote phosphor layer. The thin remote phosphor lay below the reflection would reduce the re-emitting light absorbed by other phosphor in the phosphor layer, and then increase the intensities between 500-550nm.

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