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Solid State Lighting

Poster Session 3
Friday, Dec. 5, 2014  11:00-12:10
Paper No.  2014-Fri-P0803-P001
Shu-Bin Chuang Enhancement in Output Power of Blue Nitride-based Light Emitting Diodes with an Electron Retarded Layer
Shu-Bin Chuang,Chun-Kai Wang,Y. Z. Chiou,C. H. Yen,W. C. Lai,S. J. Chang,

We proposed LEDs with a p-type AlGaN layer as the electron retarded layer (ERL) in front of electron injection layer. From our result, the light output powers at an injection current of 60 mA can enhancement of 9.76%. The rest electrical and optical characteristics of LEDs was also have improved.

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Paper No.  2014-Fri-P0803-P002
Chien-Shou Tang Lumen Maintenance of High Power LEDs
Chien-Shou Tang,Ting-Jou Ding,Hong-Yu Chou Hong-Yu Chou,Tsung-Hsun Yang,

By analyzing the measurement spectral data in detailed, the characteristics including the luminous efficiency, the light decay, the thermal resistance and so on can easily be studied. Thus, the lumen maintenance of high power white LEDs can be explored with a systematic comparison. It is found that the lumen maintenance almost linearly decrease as the driving electric current increases.

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Paper No.  2014-Fri-P0803-P003
Hsing-Yen Lin Spectral Analysis on Thermochromism
Hsing-Yen Lin,Tsung-Hsun Yang,Ching-Cherng Sun,

In this work, the spectral analysis has been applied on the thermochromic materials. A quantitative model is established by analyzing the emission spectra of the thermochromism materials. As a result, a novel temperature sensing method and procedure can be further developed based on thermochromism.

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Paper No.  2014-Fri-P0803-P004
Shih-Yung Huang Characteristics of GaN Decomposition in Atmospheric Pressures
Shih-Yung Huang, Wei-Kai Wang,Po-Rung Lin

Behavior of thermal decomposition of GaN epilayers in atmospheric pressures was studied. Thermal dissociation reaction of GaN epilayers depends on the annealing temperature. The GaN epilayers is complete dissociation and has a GaO2H reactant on surface of exposed patterned sapphire substrates. We demonstrated that the complete decomposition reaction can be expressed as below equation:GaN(S) + H2(V) + 1/2 O2(V) + 1/4 N2(V) = 1/2 Ga(V) + 1/2 GaO2H(S) + 1/2 N2(V) + 1/2 NH3(V).

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Paper No.  2014-Fri-P0803-P005
Ke-Fang Hsu Flexible Panel Lighting with High Illumination Uniformity Incorporating a Microlens Array Design on A Polymer.
Ke-Fang Hsu,Chih-Wei Lin,Jung-Min Hwang,

In this study, a micro-lens array on the polymer material is analyzed in flexible LED panel lighting design. According to the simulation result, the improvement of the v-cut structure is more uniform for the panel lighting surface. By the molding method, a prototype flexible LED panel lighting had been demonstrated with uniformity 0.77 at 5.5mm thick module.

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Paper No.  2014-Fri-P0803-P006
Mei-Wen Chen Energy Saving Designs in Corridor Areas with Batwing Light Distribution.
Ke-Fang Hsu,Chih-Wei Lin,Jung-Min Hwang,Li-Ling Lee,Mei-Wen Chen,

In this study, the LED luminaire with batwing beam shape using in corridor is analyzed. Comparing with the T-bar fluorescent luminaire or lambertian beam shape lighting design, the batwing lighting distribution design in corridor can save more fixture numbers under same illuminance condition. Therefore, the suitable lighting distribution design in the corridor for energy-saving is achieved.

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Paper No.  2014-Fri-P0803-P007
Yen-Hsun Lee Improved Water Vapor Absorption Efficiency Using Carbon Nanotubes of Network Morphology
Wen-Tuan Wu,Shih-Han Lin,Yen-Hsun Lee,Ching-Ming Hsu,

This work demonstrated that vertically-aligned MWNTs reveal higher moisture content than that of horizontally-distributed MWNTs. However, the network morphology in horizontally-distributed MWNTs seems to prevent the absorbed H2O molecules releasing back in the compartment and then acting with Ca, thus leading to a lower WVTR.

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Paper No.  2014-Fri-P0803-P008
Hong-Jie Zhaung Influence of Carrier Gas Used in P-GaN Growth on the Failure Mechanisms of InGaN LED
Hong-Jie Zhaung,Man-Fang Huang,Chia-Hung Sun,Hsu-Han Yang,Yu-Chen Lin,Ya-Hsuan Shih,Ming-Cheng Lo,Tzung-Te Chen,

This paper studied the influence of carrier gas used in p-GaN growth one failure mechanisms of InGaN LEDs. Experimental results showed that LED with a p-GaN layer grown under hydrogen mixed with nitrogen gas, could effectively reduce Mg-H bond formation and defects, which exhibited stable output power and operation voltage.

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Paper No.  2014-Fri-P0803-P009
Chien-Chih Hsu Organic Light-Emitting Diodes based on phosphorescent Blue-Emitting Layer
Jian-Yang Lin,Chien-Chih Hsu,

In this work, the phosphorescent material TCz1 has been used as the blue-emitting layer for the flexible organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs). The emission performance of the flexible OLEDs has been characterized and discussed in this work.

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Paper No.  2014-Fri-P0803-P010
Chih-Wei Lin Phosphor Layer Design Optimization for LED Package by Generalized Reduced Gradient Method
Chih-Wei Lin,Ke-Fang Hsu,Jung-Min Hwang,

The phosphor with blue chip model is constructed and linked with generalized reduced gradient method in spreadsheet for the LED spectrum control. The parameters of the model are calibrated or defined with the dispenser LED prototype measurement results. Finally, the phosphor model can be used for specific spectrum control.

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Paper No.  2014-Fri-P0803-P011
Mei-Tan Wang 3D micro-molded LED light engine
Mei-Tan Wang,

3D micro-scaled lenses on light-emitting diodes (LEDs) light engine are realized through ultra-precision injection molding in this study. The geometrical construction of single lens is fabricated using 5-axis machining and has pitch from sub-millimeter to micrometer on curved surface. The radiation pattern is designed to 42∘and the radius of lens is less than 3mm.

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Paper No.  2014-Fri-P0803-P012
Fu-Jun Lu Reducing dark area of LED tube lamps
Fu-Jun Lu,Cheng-Chung Jaing,Hung-I Li,Chien-Jen Tang,Yeuh-Yeong Liou,

An improvement on reducing the dark area of LED tube lamps has been made using triangular microlens arrays. The influence of nine different heights of triangular microlens on optical power distributions of LED tube lamps from 75 to 90 degrees in the observed planes has been investigated.

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Paper No.  2014-Fri-P0803-P013
Uan-De Sue Anti-glare LED lamps with adjustable illumination light field
Uan-De Sue,Hsiang-Chen Wang,

We introduce a type of LED light-gauge steel frame lamp with an adjustable illumination light field that does not require a diffusion plate. Base on the Monte Carlo ray tracing method, this lamp has a good glare rating (GR) of 17.5 at 3050 lm. Compared with the traditional LED light-gauge steel frame lamp (without diffusion plate), the new type has low GR. The adjustability of the illumination light field could improve the zebra effect caused by the inadequate illumination light field of the lamp. Meanwhile, we adopt the retinal image analysis to discuss the influence of GR on vision. High GR could reflect stray light on the retinal image, which will reduce vision clarity and hasten the feeling of eye fatigue.

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Paper No.  2014-Fri-P0803-P014
Kung-Cheng Ho Device and materials characteristics of GaN-based LEDs using In-doped ZnO transparent conductive layers grown by atomic layer deposition
Kuo-Yi Yen,Chi-Ying Hsiao,Chun-Wei Li,Chien-Hua Chou,Ko-Ying Lo,Tzu-Pei Chen,Kung-Cheng Ho,Bo-Yan Chen,Jyh-Rong Gong,

The implementation of N2-annealed ALD-grown IZO in an InGaN/GaN MQW LED results in light extraction enhancement and forward voltage reduction. At 20 mA operating condition, N2-annealed n-IZO-coated InGaN/GaN MQW LED was found to show a smaller ideality factor than that of the same LED structure having an ITO TCL.

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Paper No.  2014-Fri-P0803-P015
Yang Yen Ting Influences of phosphor sedimentation phenomenon of Phosphor-Converted White Light Emitting Diodes
YangYen Ting,ShihTien Tsorng,

The effect of phosphor sedimentation in silicone during isothermal curing on color rendering for WLED is investigated. The CCT changed from 5115K to 5887K and the power efficiency degraded 3.5% under different sedimentation conditions have been observed.

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Paper No.  2014-Fri-P0803-P016
chi-min Liu Simulation and fabrication of heterogeneous microlenses array
chi-min Liu,

We calculated the profile of convex and concave microlenses with Lighttool®, and fabricated the heterogeneous microlenses array by using inkjet-printing and 3D-printer. We placed the microlens array on top of LEDs, so as to make the light of LEDs more evenly. Finally, we succeed in constructing the microlens array and an energy saving device

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Paper No.  2014-Fri-P0803-P017
Hwang Jung-Min Optical-electrical-thermal coupling analysis for 3D micro-molded LED
Hwang Jung-Min,Wang Mei-Tan,

To get the optimized cost-performance for operating the LEDs, well understanding and well-controlled of the optical-electrical-thermal coupling characteristics were the key issues. In this paper, the coupling model of the optical-electrical-thermal with commercial LED’s datasheet was proposed. The coupling effect of the 3D micro-molded LED was measured and analyzed

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Paper No.  2014-Fri-P0803-P018
Tien-Lung Chiu Carbazole-Triazole Derivative Host for High Efficiency Blue Phosphorescence Organic Light-Emitting Diode
Tien-Lung Chiu,Hsin-Jen Chen,Yu-Hsuan Hsieh,Man-kit Leung,Chi-Feng Lin,Jiun-Haw Lee,

A new carbazole triazole derivative, CbzTAZ, was synthesized to be the host of emitting layer doped with FIrpic inside an efficient blue phosphorescence organic light-emitting diode. This OLED shows the excellent external quantum efficiency of more than 24%.

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Paper No.  2014-Fri-P0803-P019
Yi-Hsin Lan Blue phosphorescent organic light-emitting diode with different electron transport materials
Yi-Hsin Lan,Jau-Jiun Huang,Man-kit Leung,Tien-Lung Chiu,Chi-Feng Lin,Jiun-Haw Lee,

In this paper, we demonstrated blue phosphorescence organic light-emitting diode (OLED) with two different electron transporting materials. The highest current efficiency was 23.01 cd/A, and the driving voltage is 9.54 V at 10 mA/cm2.

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Paper No.  2014-Fri-P0803-P020
Po-Ruei Yan Synthesis of Ionic Polyfluorene Derivatives Containing Iridium Complexes as Active Layers in White Light-Emitting Electrochemical Cells
Bao-Ren Chen,Po-Ruei Yan,Sheng-Hsiung Yang,Yi Chang,Hai-Ching Su,

Ionic polyfluorene derivatives containing iridium complexes were synthesized. The ionic polymers with PF6 − counterions have better thermal stabilities than those with Br− ones. White light-emitting electrochemical cells based on those Ionic polyfluorenes were fabricated and evaluated.

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Paper No.  2014-Fri-P0803-P021
Tsung-Lin Lu Experimental analysis of far-field region of non-CSU LED Light Source
Tsung-Lin Lu,Bo-Song Chen,Tsung-Xian Lee,

In general, the distance of far-field of a light source was defined by the intensity distribution (ID) base on the color spatial distribution (CSD) was assumed uniform. This study compared the relationship between far-field decided by ID and CSD for a non-CSU LEDs. From the results, we found that the far-field decided by CSD was farer than ID.

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Paper No.  2014-Fri-P0803-P022
Jhih-Wei Deng Efficiency Droop in GaN Light-Emitting Diodes Caused by Auger Recombination and Enhanced by Current Crowding Effect
Jenq-Shinn Wu,Jhih-Wei Deng,

We simulate the radiative and non-radiative recombinations in GaN LEDs. It’s clearly shown that, as confirmed by experimental results published elsewhere, Auger recombination dominates the efficiency droop behavior. Besides, current crowding enhances Auger recombination, causing more efficiency droop. Increasing the thickness and doping concentration of the n-GaN buffer layer eases off efficiency droop.

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Paper No.  2014-Fri-P0803-P023
Horng son Wang Evaluation of Perceived Brightness of LED Array Lighting
Horng son Wang,Tsung-Xian Lee,

The purpose of this study was to investigated the evaluation of perceived brightness with different light source-spacing under same luminance level. The interaction of planar light source luminance, spacing of point light source array and viewing distance were investigated. Accordingly, the optimized luminance and arrangement of LED array lighting can be obtained.

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Paper No.  2014-Fri-P0803-P024
Lung-Chien Chen Fabrication of white light-emitting diodes with yellow phosphor on PDMS
Kai-Chieh Liang,Ting-Chun Hsv,Jyun-Wei Chen,Wen-Wei Lin,Lung-Chien Chen,

In this study, we develop a method to directly transfer GaN-based light-emitting diode (LED) from sapphire onto flexible substrates by laser lift-off (LLO) process. Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) was prepared as a flexible substrate which had the advantages of flexible, low cost, good chemicophysical properties and good optically transparent. We have added the yellow phosphor (cerium doped yttrium aluminum garnet, YAG: Ce) in PDMS and caused the GaN-based LED to send out the white photosource directly. In the experiment, through the phosphor doped with different concentrations and observed electro-optical properties of structures to achieve the effect of white light emitting diode device.

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